Monday, December 14, 2009

Spicy Chicken

Boil a 3-4 lb chicken in water. I add a little bit of salt and pepper also.
When it is done, take the chicken off the bones and shred it. Reserve some of the broth.
Put it back into the pot and add the following:
~1 onion, chopped and cooked- you can cook this before putting the chicken back into the pot
~tomato paste
~hot taco seasoning packet (I use McCormick's)
~garlic powder
~tabasco (I put 5-6 shakes)
~enough broth to make it all mix together, but not too watery (I never measure)
Heat it through.

To make the wraps:
Take 1 flour tortilla and put some chicken onto the tortilla. Top with shredded cheese. Top with a tostada chip. Put sour cream on top of tostada chip. Add lettuce and tomato. Fold tortilla up and put into a small frypan to "grill" (like they do at Taco Bell) it on each side about 30-45 seconds.

Printable Recipe

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